Kyle Maccauley

Badass Technist with a pet robot and a laser eye


Psychological Profile:

Prejudice: Quantum Brotherhood
Teh Curiosity
Protective of Larry
Dirty Fighter

Education Profile:

Robotics x3
Channel x2
Heavy Firearms x1
Athletics x2
Brawl x1
Melee x1

Abnormal Abilities:

Robot Attack!
Eye Zoom
Infrared Vision
Larry Bazooka
Evil Laser Eye
Heroic Leap

Survival Data:

Mind: 3 OOOOOO
Spirit: 3 000000


D.O.B: Fall 2073
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 142 lbs.
Type: Technist

Kyle Maccauley was born in the Fall of 2073. Her parents abandoned her when she was six, and she was taken in by Dr. Ludmil Aleksandr Reshetnikova, a Technist Empath and a great mind in the field of robotics. Growing up, she acted as the doctor’s apprentice, learning all she could about robots and hypertech.

When Kyle was 18, a machine shop accident took her left eye. Dr. Reshetnikova fashioned a robotic eye with abilities beyond that of a human eye.

In the Summer of 2093, the Quantum Brotherhood murdered Dr. Reshetnikova after they detected his Empath abilities. Delirious with grief, Kyle took their most advanced robot and began walking.

Kyle named the robot LAR (or “Larry” colloquially.) Although she claims the initials stand for “Lethal Attack Robot” they are in fact, the initials of her mentor and adopted father.

Kyle Maccauley

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