Slimy Joe says,

DON’T TRUST EM’. Some may look human, and some may seem human, but they are nothing but killing war machines, left over from The War. I’ve seen one gut a 3 year old without even blinking. When push comes to shove, they’ll kill you if it makes thing easier on them without even thinking twice. Fucking robots. The first Vibrators were human like sex toys for rich pervs, hence the name. I’ve heard Doc say that it was out of control Vibrators that launched the first bombs and that’s what started this whole shit show. He’s probably right.


Vibrators are robots in hiding. Most people will tear you apart if they find you. Most Vibrators have memories before the war, however some have lost theirs due to EMP blasts. Each Vibrator had some task before the war and often has devices that display that. Vibrators are considered Hyper-Tech, and their direct attacks can do Body or Mind damage, but never Soul. A Body attack might be an extendo-arm punch while a Mind attack might be a sonic boom that deafens and stuns.

Vibrators can use the following abilities for their stunts:
Channel: For using devices that can be removed from the body without doing harm.
Pact: For all attachments that cannot be removed from their body. No one knows if the Vibrators are part of something bigger. For now, they appear to be autonomous.


Soul of Steel: Vibrators do not have souls, plain and simple. All Vibrators have a Defense rating of 10 in Spirit but only two Spirit points. This means that they are incredibly difficult to affect with a Spirit attack, however if their massive defense is breached, they could easily be unmade. Additionally Vibrators start with only 7 points to distribute between Mind and Body rather than 10 to distribute between all three categories. Vibrators still need to eat, sleep, drink, and breathe unless it has a stunt that says otherwise. If a Vibrator takes more than half of its Total Body points in damage, its internal mechanisms will be exposed and their secret could get out.

Sample Stunts
Foot Rockets: Foot rockets launch you into the air and back down.
Subdermal Body Armor: Activate your body armor to solidify giving you extra body damage levels.
Launch Codes: With your thought, send out launch coordinates from an underground bunker to devastate the area.


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