Slimy Joe says,

These fellas are holdin’ on to a lost dream. Now granted some Technists are pretty damn helpful, and their the only ones around that know or remember how Hyper-Tech works. That junk just creeps me the fuck out. Every time I find a piece of it, I go straight to a Technist with it. They’ll buy it for an arm and a leg… ESPECIALLY if you find them a robotic arm or a robotic leg…


Technists have managed to keep track of lost knowledge and how to use Hyper-Tech. These devices are so complicated that it takes a stunt just to hold the damn things. Hyper-Tech can do really weird shit, depending on the device held. Because of this, Technists have been known to do Body, Mind and Soul damage with their weapons. An example of a Body attack is the straight up ray gun, while an example of a Mind attack would be a Hypno-Ray. Lastly a Spirit attack could be something like a transmogrification ray that transforms the target into a Raccoon-Shark.

Technists always use the Channel ability to power their stunts.


Teh Curiosity: Whenever a technological mystery occurs, Technisis are unable to help themselves. Every Technist must have the Attribute: Teh Curiosity to represent this.


SCIENCE!!!: Technists are obsessed with Science, so much so they are specialists without peer. A Technist may ignore the ‘Pyramid’ rule when selecting a single scientific ability at Character Creation.

Sample Stunts
ROBOT ATTACK!: Your trusty Robot comes up and attacks a foe dealing Body Damage.
Anima Leech: Pull out a strange device that leeches the life force out of a target.
Teleportation Belt: Use this to bring you… uh… somewhere different.
Never-ending-light bulb: Its a light bulb! That never goes out! FUCKING AWESOME!


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