Slimy Joe says:

Scavvers! These guys are fucking great! Ok, maybe I’m a little biased, but if you want to survive out in the wilds for more than ten minutes you won’t leave Ground Infinity without one. Some people say we’re a lot like the psyches, but I think that’s complete trash. Psyches are a new thing in human development, when man kind was ascending the evolutionary ladder to become something greater! Scavvers are the opposite. We remember how to survive like our monkey ancestors, and damn are we good at it. Some of us can tell when the Degenerates are coming, or if a particular food is poison. Hell- I can make a thrown weapon out just about anything.

Now I know what you’re thinking… ’What’s a Scavver doing here in Ground Infinity? Well let me tell you, when a Scavver finds a place to settle down, that’s how you know its safe, though most of us live in the ruined big cities, getting Hyper-Tech for the Technists at a price. Good Scavvers know all the tricks of the trade to survive out there. Doc Evans would be useless if I didn’t risk my ass every week or so to find him meds to fix up this sorry lot.


Scavvers are like Psyches and Emps, however their powers are extremely subtle. Scavers actually have a deep intuitive grasp on the future and the past. Some can hold objects and learn useful information on their previous owners, or get an impression on the immediate future. Most Scavvers are unaware that they are supernatural in any way. The rare Scavver direct attacks would do Body damage. An example of this is predicting or sensing a “mishap” on your opponent, the amount of successes determining damage like any other effect.

Scavvers, knowingly or not, are learning as they encounter more and more things in the Wilds, and so the ability linked to their stunts are always Arts.


Danger Magnet: Scavvers are a jumpy lot, and rightfully so. In a world full of danger, Scavvers come to expect it more than others. Every Scavver must take the attribute Danger Magnet to represent this phenomena. When the Cheesers come they always go straight for the Scavvers…


Survivor: While Scavvers have a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, they are known for their strange ability to Survive. Once per session, a Scavver can escape any type of entrapment, mind control or anything that causes them to lose control of their character. Additionally, a Scavver, once per session have any other character (including NPCs) re-roll a result. The second result always stands.

Sample Stunts
Ooh a Shiny!: Bend over in the nick of time to reduce the damage of an unseen attack.
Gotta go!: Use your intuition to discover the nearest exit, not always the safest.
CHEESER!: Predict incoming Cheesers to strike your enemy.
That guys going to kill me…: Use your intuition to determine if a target is going to kill you or not.


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