Quantum Brotherhood

Slimy Joe says:

Ok- I’m really the only one in this two Horse-adillo town that has any opinion on The Brotherhood. Most just say they don’t exist, but I’ve seen it out in the wilds. I met this guy Marcus, out by Jackson Hill, on the outskirts- very dangerous place, by the way. Anyways, The Quantum Brotherhood is like a religion that truly believes in mind over matter. He was trying to explain it to me when a Mangler jumped us. The guy turned his own hands into like silver or some shit and beat the crap out of it. Then a couple of settlers came across us, and shot him dead because they thought he was a Vibrator. I barely got out of there alive.

Before Marcus died, I got my hands on this. Everyone thinks I made it up:

The Quantum Brotherhood

_1) Thou shall remember matter is a figment of the imagination. Carry little, and your mind will provide what you truly need.

2) Thou shall honor all thinking beings. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, it will not exist. The Universe depends on those to give witness.

3) Destroy Empaths who would rob others of thought. They are the true destroyers of the universe.

4) Will what you can, and be the protectors of mankind and free thinking.

5) Few will see the way and even fewer will lead the way. Never forsake thy brothers and sisters of this Order.

6) An attack on the human mind wounds the fabric of the universe. Do not come to tolerate it- even evil thoughts maintain the universe.

7) Tell none without The Mark our Secrets. To do so, is to forsake your Brothers and Sisters._

…weird, right?


The Quantum Brotherhood are one of the few people who use their beliefs to manipulate the quantum reality of matter. Its freaky deep shit. Quantum Brothers and Sisters can use their stunts to do both Soul and Body damage. If they are turning their target’s face into rusted metal, it is a Soul attack, but if they are turning the air above their head into solid iron so that it falls and crushes them, it is a Body attack.

The Quantum Brotherhood may only use Faith to power their stunts.


The Unmaking: Mind damage to a Quantum Brother is devastating, and one of the reasons they despise Empaths who are often experts in it. Should any attack be able to penetrate his mind defense, the amount of damage will also be done to the Brother’s Body points.

Unlimited Faith: Matter is an illusion to all Quantum Brothers. Once per session Quantum Brother can take two or more Spirit Points of damage to regain one Fate Point per two Spirit Points sacrificed. This damage cannot be healed through any means for the rest of the session.

Sample Stunts
Silver Tongue: Turn the target’s tongue to metal preventing talking with Soul Stun Damage.
Bones of Steel: Turn your skeleton into Steel to gain Body Damage levels.
Liquid Door: Turn a wooden door into a liquid wooden door. Its a lot easier to open that way.

Quantum Brotherhood

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