Slimy Joe says:

The Psyches come in all shapes and sizes. They can do anything from set a bloke on fire, to throwing you across the room. Some of em just have natural talent, and others learn how to do it. I heard from Doc that before the war there were schools that could teach normal people how to unlock their hidden potential. All that went to shit though.


Psyches are people who can use their mind to affect the physical world. This can be in a multitude of ways. If used as an attack, Psyches will do Soul or Body damage. Throwing your target through a wall with your mind would do Body, however teleporting or setting them on fire would damage their Soul.

Psyches can use Arts OR Innate depending on their Drawback/Boon


Dual Nature: Psyches become psyches from one of two ways: Learning through meditation and study how to allow their mind to control the physical world around them or a raw innate talent. At character generation the Psyche must pick one or the other.

Arts: You are in complete control of your abilities. So much in control that the results of your powers are never unpredictable. They are precise and do exactly what you think they can do. Because of this, your corresponding ability is an Art. All rolls made with stunts are low-risk.

Innate: You have little control of your abilities. For example, sometimes you can start a village sized inferno, and other times you can’t even light a match. Because of this, your corresponding ability is Innate. All rolls made with stunts are high-risk.

Sample Stunts
EAT ROCKS: You use your mind to pitch a piece of trash at your foe for Body Damage.
Surpise you’re on fire: Use micro vibrations to ignite a now flammable person doing Soul Damage.
I can Fly!: You use your powers of mind to levitate yourself.


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