Pill Jockeys

Doc Evans says:


Slimy Joe says:

Yeah- Doc doesn’t care for the Pill Jockeys too much. Some of them are wicked smart, and can make some trippy chems to boost their strength, speed, or mental capacity. Hell, some of them make good doctors, but don’t tell Doc Evans I said that. Pill Jockeys come in all flavors. Some can take an aspirin and have the strength of three guys, and some of them need harder stuff. One thing’s for sure though… they’re all addicts.


Pill Jockies use stimulants and various other cocktails to gain an edge in life. Some Pill Jockies are akin to muties, where their bodies will handle substances differently, for instance, some Pill Jockies may be able to get calories from water and have no need for food, or standing in sunlight and concentrating could give them a boost of energy from the vitamin D. Pill Jockeys’ direct attacks can do Mind and Body damage.

Pill Jockies may only use the ability Pact to power their stunts. Sometimes they have to go to great extents to get a chemical they need for survival.


Addicted: All Pill Jockies are addicts, but they seem to always find stuff on their person. When a Pill Jockey runs out of Fate Points, all of their defenses are lowered by two. When they next take damage from an aggressor, they receive a Fate Point.

Sample Stunts
Dilated: With a little injection you can suddenly see in almost perfect darkness.
Antidepressant: With a little pill you embolden you Mind, adding Mind Damage levels
Forget I was here: By putting a rag over a targets mouth you can deal Mind damage to make them forget certain events.

Pill Jockeys

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