Slimy Joe says:

These guys are a mixed lot, but they generally get a bad wrap. These guys and gals don’t look like us. I’ve seen some with horns, extra arms, wings, you name it. A lot of people say all the muties came from a few sick and twisted breeders. Other people say its the radiation, and they’re born like that with normal parents. I’ve never seen that though. Give ’em a little kindness, and it might go a long way, but a lot of muties have been shit on so much, they might just tear your arm off and beat you with it, just to prove a point.


Muties can have physical mutations of any sort. They are always identifiable as being Muties, despite their mutations. Most mutations will be used against the environment such as wings for flying, gills to survive toxic gas, or scaled skin to absorb damage. Direct attacks like super strength or razor claws will always do Body damage.

Muties may only use the Innate ability for their mutations. Depending on the nature of their mutation, the arbiter may decide that Fate points are unnecessary to access some utility stunts in certain scenarios.


Gross: All Muties must take the Reviled attribute, as Muties are the lowest of the low. Not all will treat you poorly, but for the most part its a shitty existence.


Innate Power: Muties are extremely adaptable to their environments. Once per session, a Mutie can double one defense for one turn. This action can be taken at any point during combat. At the end of the turn the Mutie rolls 1d6. If they roll a 1 the effect ends. At the end of the second turn, they roll 1d6 and if it is a 1 or a 2 the effect ends. This process is repeated. If the Mutie continues to roll sixes, the effect will not end, however after the third 6, the Mutie will take quadruple the amount of damage in that category which will probably result in death. The odds of this are 1 in 250.

Sample Stunts
Water Gills: You have gills across your chest that allow you breath underwater.
Wings: You have wings from your back that allow you to fly.
Imma UNICORN!: You have a single horn with which to impale your enemies with Body Damage


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