Emps, or Empaths are a useful lot. Doc Evans tried to explain it to me once, but it was way over my head. We’ve actually got two of em’ in town, and one of em is Sheriff Caine, the local law man. Back when I used to roam the wilds, I’d always try to travel with an Empath. They can talk a Degenerate down. Hell, I’ve even see one as a pet of a powerful Empath. They’re nuts, and tend to have a lot of friends.


Empathy is the catch-all term for any mind-based powers that affect the minds of other creatures. Direct Empathy attacks to a target will do Mind damage, and Intermediary attacks will do Body damage.

Emps may use the following abilities for their stunts:
Channel: For animal and human thralls to perform very specific tasks.
Innate: For mental attacks, mind reading and the like.


Hunted: A strange cult or organization hunts Emapaths without cause and explanation. The instant an Emp begins to use their abilities on people, they seem to start winding up dead


Getting Away with Murder: Once per game session, an Emp may target a single NPC or Player with this power. The Emp rolls 1d6 and refers to the following chart. There is no defense against this power, however it will only last a day:

1- The target will attempt to kill you by any means necessary until you are dead.
2- The target will despise you and often resort to violence.
3- The target will dislike you, and try to either leave, or make the Emp leave.
4- The target favors you slightly, and will offer a few minor boons.
5- The target has a strong kinship with you, and would put themselves in considerable danger on your behalf.
6- The target is fanatic about you, and would give their life to protect you, though not behave in a suicidal manner.

Sample Stunts
Be my friend: Stun Mind damage until the target becomes complacent and friendly.
What’s on your mind: Read thoughts based on the number of successes.
Get’em Hoss!: Your beloved horse rides in and attacks your foe for some Body Damage
Epic Getaway: Your beloved horse thunders in, and you kip up, and attempt to ride to safety.


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