Slimy Joe says:

There’s a lot of fucked up things in the wilds, and a lot of it is because of the Breeders. Doc Evans said once that pretty much 90% of us are infertile because of the radiation, and 9.99% of us can still have kids. The other .01% are the breeders. Their DNA is more kinky than a 2 tabbed prostitute at a donkey show. They can have ‘kids’ with any creature out there, which is where the Horse-adillos and the Manglers came from. The upside is they can have kids with the 90% whose plumbing is all fucked up. Depending on where you are, breeders can be treasured and protected, or enslaved for terrible purposes. Especially the animal type breeders. One thing is for certain though… very few people would kill a breeder if they knew it. Worth too much.


((Besides the gross mating potential, breeders have no additional mechanical effects))

Breeder: All breeders must take the ‘Breeder’ Attribute. This attribute only comes into play if you are discovered to be a breeder and will react to you according to their disposition. There are always strong feelings concerning these people.

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