• Doc Evans

    Doc Evans

    "I HOPE YOU ALL DIE AND GO TO HELL!" -Doc Evan's Bedside manner
  • Larry the Robot

    Larry the Robot

    Larry is a Stunt
  • Scrumbles


    A mangy dog that's always by Slimy Joe's side. Some say the animal has a dark history. Those people are crazy. Everyone sane knows that Scrumbles was raised by Slimy Joe since birth.
  • Sheriff Caine

    Sheriff Caine

    The law man in town, Sheriff Caine keeps things calm and organizes the militia in case some creeps come from the wilds. He's a bit harsh sometimes- don't start a fight in town, especially not with guns. He'll probably kill you dead.
  • Slimy Joe

    Slimy Joe

    Slimy Joe is the self-appointed town greeter of Ground Infinity and tends to be everywhere at once in the small community. He takes care of people, and people tend to take care of him. He's a little rough of the outside, but he means well.