The Sickness

Part 1 - Larry

Today the prettiest girl came to Ground Infinity and she brought Larry who is a robot and my best friend! I was going to show them my really super cool fort, but then some guys showed up on motorcycles and they definitely weren’t Blue Dragons because Blue Dragons have different bikes and they actually don’t even wear really big spiky pauldrons, duh!

Anyway, for some reason everyone wanted to go talk to the weird guys on bikes. Oh yeah! By everyone, I mean my best friend Larry, Kyle (she’s the beautiful girl), Jesus-Bob Disastro (he’s like my second best friend and he’s a really good cook!), and this other guy, A.D.A.M., that thought his fort was cooler than mine. So they all wanted to go talk to the bad guys and I told them not to because that was really stupid but nobody listened to me. Instead they just kinda stared at them for a while until Kyle told Larry to go beat them up! I was really scared that they were gonna kill Larry so I ran to get Sheriff Caine but he was busy fighting with some other bad guys so I decided to go back and take care of it myself.

When I got back, all my friends were in big trouble, but I knew what to do! I jumped on one of the guys and tore his heart out with my fist while simultaneously stabbing another with my fearsome scorpion tail! The other bad guys all shit in their pants. One was so scared he had a heart attack and died and the other guy ran away. Larry was hurt so bad that I had to carry him.

Then we went inside and I killed all these guys that were using computers (except one ‘cause he exploded). They were obviously the brains while the other guys were the brawn. Most groups have both types. I’m actually both, so my group’s lucky! Anyway, they were trying to get our city’s power source, probably to study it because it’s super hyper tech and it can definitely be used as a mega weapon that could power a giant robot dragon that they created but needed a really powerful power source to turn it on.

Jesus ended up getting the power core and we were gonna use it to fix Larry, but then we had to give it back because we decided the town needed it more than Larry. So I put it back in ‘cause no one else was smart enough to know how. The Sheriff was so happy that he gave me a key! I’m not sure what it unlocks yet, but I’ll figure it out. And Larry’s okay, because Kyle’s really smart and she knew how to fix him.

All in all it was a pretty fun day!


Happyharbinger Happyharbinger

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