The Sickness

Game 1- Kyle's Perspective

So me and Larry are walking when we sort of stumble across this weird mess of a town. It doesn’t exactly look inhabited at first so I decide to scrounge around, see if I can come up with anything that’ll help my poor robot bud. He’s looking even worse for wear than usual. So I’m digging through scrap piles when this grungy, but kind of hot guy comes up. He starts asking me questions about Larry and I tell him fuck no he’s not for sale.

So this guy’s hassling me when this weird mini-Mutie with a big-ass scorpion tale shows up and tells me I’m pretty. She and Larry seem to hit it off, so I guess she’s ok. I think her name was Storm-a-something. So then this really normal-looking guy walks over and offers to let me and ol’ Larry-me-lad stay in his box, which, from what he says, seems like it’ll fit the three of us nice and cozy-like.

Suddenly I hear motors. I’m curious, but the little kid is leading Larry away by the hand, and the normal guy wants us to get out of the way. The sounds are coming from these crazy-looking leather dudes who ride by on bikes. Me, being the idiot everyone always told me I was, am too curious not to follow. So we get around this corner and there are eight of these fuckers lined up in front of some shack that looks like it has tech inside, judging by the wires sticking out every-which-way. Four of them work on the door while the other four stare at us, shotguns in hand.

I figure the place looks pretty important so I sick Larry on them. Stupid lunkhead can’t land a punch. I get the bazooka and blast into the crowd. Something must have knocked me off balance cause I ain’t that bad a shot, but I only manage to hit the door and let the BDSM-looking guys in.

Of course, the blast causes fucking chaos. Storm-a-scorpion takes off. The normal dude pulls a stun gun (wuss) and manages to hit himself with his own bolt before he actually manages to floor a guy.

Larry, of course, is stuck in the middle of all this, and he’s getting all fucked up so I bust out the laser eye and zap the closest guy. He fucking evaporates and everyone’s looking at me. Suddenly the scorpion kid comes out of nowhere and goes to sting this other guy and ends up catching herself in the shoulder.

Then some jackass shoots Larry so I dive in and give him a kick to the nads he’s not going to forget any time soon. The kind of hot dude is blasting away with his guns, but he’s not catching much so he heads into the building along with normal guy, leaving me and this fucking little kid to deal with the last two leather-clad gun-enthusiasts.

I’m grappling with the guy I kicked, and he shoots at my fucking head, but only catches my hair. I go down and come up with Larry’s arm, which fell off AGAIN, and lay him out with it. Scorpion Storm takes some pill and picks up Larry like a stuffed Teddy-Mangler. We head into the shack and the place lights up with a blast of radiation the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long while.

We end up finding this room full of some of the most gorgeous pieces of tech I’ve seen. The core of a bot hangs there like a glowing beacon of possibility. The leather assholes are all typing away and normal dude’s just chilling there behind them. Then suddenly he lights up like a sky-squid fresh out of the green mist so I hit him with the tech detector that Aleksandr invented, but it says he’s human and tells me to apologize (fucking Aleks always trying to make me polite.) Then the stupid normal-looking asshole says “Ow” which catches this one guy’s attention. Storm-a-something says his name is Steve… like I care.

Anyways, there’s more chaos. I go for Steve, who’s heading for his bag when I see kind of hot guy go for one of the abandoned terminals. I hop on that shit and slowly figure out the system, but it’s nothing I’ve seen before.

Scorpion Storm is manages to shank the hell out of the leather guys with her scary-ass tail, and normal guy hops of another terminal, trying to get at that core before the rest of us. It’s a race, but kind of hot dude cracks it and gets the core. The place goes dark except for the core, now in the hands of kind of hot guy.

It suddenly dons on me that Larry needs repairs and bad, but the guy doesn’t look like he’ll be giving the core up any time soon, so I deck him. Doesn’t do any good. He hides the thing despite normal-looking, apparently human guy’s whining about needing to see. I can see though, and I watched them fumble toward the exit.

I can’t leave Larry so I start dragging him. Suddenly, the three of them are coming back down the hall at me, and they start squabbling over the core and needing lights to see and I hit the hot guy again for the hell of it.

They end up tripping over Larry and the core spills out on the ground and we all scramble for it. I end up getting it, and I hide it fast, but I can’t really drag Larry like this, but Stormpion offers to carry Larry and we head out the back. When we laser open the door, we hear the guns of a shit-ton of law men click. Somehow, we manage to explain the situation and the law men thank us even though I was planning to make off with the core and upgrade the shit out of Larry. Stormy says she knows how to put the core back, and as I’m re-stringing Larry’s arms, the town’s power comes back with a vengeance. What the fuck? The place looks nicer than it did before.

Sure enough, mini Mutie gets some sort of shitty reward for it and thinks she knows all about tech now… All right, I kind of like the kid.


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