Slimy Joe says:

Nice to meet you! Holy hell, you look like shit. I’m Slimy Joe, the sort of like… ‘Town Greeter’ around here. You like you’ve been out in the Wilds for a long time now. Well welcome to fucking 2098. People thought things were real shitty at the turn of the millennium, but what they didn’t know is it could get a whole lot worse. Those religious crazies who thought the world was going to come to an end because of gay marriage and the degradation of a moral society got the last laugh, right before their faces were blown off their skulls when the bombs dropped.

Now its just about survival- and maybe if we survive long enough we can start to rebuild something that looks like a society; but knowing people, we’ll just fuck it up in another few millennium.

So welcome to Ground Infinity! Why do we call it Ground Infinity? Because it seems like every other damn place took a nuke at one point in time or another, but Ground Infinity looks like it did before the bombs started dropping. I mean, you still have to watch out for Degenerates and the occasional Manglers, but as far as a post-apocalyptic wasteland goes, its not so bad: one meal a day, and water you only have to chew a few times before it goes down… pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

You made the right choice in settling down here, but before I let you go, there’s a few things you’ve got to know before you hit the wild Glowing-Green Yonder.

So who are you?

Types of Playable Characters:

Character Creation Rules

The Sickness

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